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Group Adventures Yorkshire UK
Group Adventures Yorkshire UK
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IKO Kitesurfing Level 2 F-I South Africa 9.00EUR

IKO Kitesurfing Level 2 IKO F-I from Extreme Sports Cafe at our partner Kitesurfing School in Langebaan, South Africa.

This is a 4hrs kitesurfing course. Kitesurfing course content will include:

  • Body dragging upwind and back to shore.
  • Space Awareness.
  • One handed piloting.
  • Board work, recovery & footstrap work.
  • Generating a steady pull in starting position.
  • Water starts & leash work.
  • Your First Ride!
The above is based on groups of up to 4 people. If there is only 1 person booked for the course then the time will be reduced by 1 hour.

Full Course Price R1,050

Buy this product to pay your booking fee and book your place.

Once we see your booking come through we will get in touch to arrange accommodation should you require them and to confirm your chosen dates.

For any notes, comments, queries or extra details about your IKO Level 2 Kitesurfing Course Package from Extreme Sports Cafe please use the 'add notes section' in the checkout process.

Please choose your IKO Level 2 Kitesurfing Course from Extreme Sports Cafe at our partner Kitesurfing School in Langebaan, South Africa dates from the options below.

Course Date - Day:
Course Date - Month:
Course Date - Year:
Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt.
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 19. April 2005 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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South Africa Homepage
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