Wakeboarding Sessions Egypt

At Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Egypt Wakeboarding Centre the mission is to help you learn in a safe, fun and fast way to raise your wakeboarding to another level. Whether it's your first time or you are trying to put together an additional trick, we can help. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned wakeboarder this is the place for you.

Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Egypt Wakeboarding Centre uses a Malibu I-Ride wakeboard boat and a Malibu Response water-ski boat both with Indmar Monsoon 350 hp engines. The I-Ride includes a Waketower, Wakewedge, Malibu Launch System (Mid-ship Ballast system) to increase your air time. 

Each wake boarding session is 15min max. Our partner Egypt Wakeboarding centre do not have set boat times but work with sessions that are reserved in advance. This way you can decide for yourself when you want to go and are not stuck with a particular day or time for wakeboarding.

The wake boarding instructors are Egyptian in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s with various levels of Wakeboarding Taba Egyptexperience from 2-4 years driving waterski boats. They also speak English. They are extremely capable of teaching beginner level and can definitely help beginners to improve, learn new tricks and jumps.

Wakeboarding Session Rates

  • 1 Wakeboarding Session €30 per session
  • 2-4 Wakeboarding Sessions €30 per session
  • 5+ Wakeboarding Sessions €25 per session
  • 30min Introductory Beginners Session €50

Note: If you can wakeboard already and are looking to master new tricks and considered to be intermediate level or above, then perhaps we would need to bring in freelance Instructor - each session will cost an additional fee for this service. If you are a beginner then 10 sessions with the drivers/instructors is sufficient. 

For wakeboarding beginner sessions it will be practice/fun sessions to get comfortable and learn the basics of the sport.

Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Water Sports Center is a purpose built 5Star watersports and diving centre and beach club. They offer the best in Instruction and equipment and provide exceptional service to all clients. On site they have a private beach, sports shop, restaurant and beach bar.

The lush garden and the matching shade structures create an oasis of relaxation with the best beach in town. Refreshments are available from the Club restaurant and Beach Bar. This beach is the only beach in town where you have direct access to the water and a protected swimming area. More location  information on Wakeboarding Taba Egypt from Extreme Sports Cafe.

Wakeboarding Sessions Egypt in Taba The Red Sea from Extreme Sports Cafe

All of our Wakeboarding  Sessions Egypt can be booked online 
Wakeboarding Egypt Taba

Who runs our Wakeboarding courses?

Extreme Sports Cafe and it's partners run Wakeboarding courses in the Thailand, Portugal, Egypt, Fiji and Austria. We are quite confident that we have Europe and Asia well covered with a range of exciting, challenging and fun courses or packages for you to learn to Wakeboarding in most parts of the world and will have more Wakeboarding centers elsewhere soon... 


Where do I take it from here?

You can go on to improve your Wakeboarding with more practice and advanced courses allowing you to take part in competitions worldwide,  join a club and / or buy your own Wakeboarding equipment and go Wakeboarding whenever you want. Let us know how we can help...

Wakeboarding books we recommend...

Wakeboarding: Techniques and Tricks (Rad Sports Techniques and Tricks)
Author: Stephanie Cooperm

Wakeboarding: Techniques and Tricks (Rad Sports Techniques and Tricks)

Extreme Wakeboarding Moves (Behind the Moves (Capstone)
Author: A. RSchaefer

Not for beginners... But for those looking to develope on basic skills already learnt.

Extreme Wakeboarding Moves Behind the Moves Capstone: Amazon.co.uk ...

Wakeboarding: Check It Out!: Check It Out (Reading Power: Extreme Sports)
Author: Kristin Ec

Wakeboarding: Check It Out! Reading Power: Extreme Sports: Amazon ...

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get back to us – we’ll be only too pleased to help. After all, the team at ESC are passionate about our various sporting disciplines – we want you to be, as well!



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