Paragliding Thailand

In less than five minutes you can lay out your lightweight canopy (15 lbs) on the ground, and step into a flight lasting as long as you want! Paragliding combines the portability and safety of a parachute with the low cost and soaring capability of hang gliding! Extreme Sports Café has teamed up with the longest running Paragliding School in Thailand which offers consistent, quality instruction. 

The aim of Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Thailand Paragliding School is to teach the skills and attitude required to safely enjoy the sport of paragliding. All new paragliding students start their course in Ban Chang, near Rayong. Safety and a focus on developing paragliding fundamentals will help provide you with a great start and a more secure future in the sport of Paragliding. 

Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near RayongBan Chang is approx 20 km from Rayong and approx 45 km from Pattaya. Bang Chang town is popular for its beaches and attracts tourists from far and wide although these are predominantly Thai.
It is also a popular area to live with the ex-pat golfing fraternity due to the abundance of high quality golf courses between Sattahip and Rayong. Several of the Bars in the strip are "golfing bars" that not only offer a place to wind down after a round but arrange regular trips and tournaments.

Rayong is located on the Gulf of Thailand 70km south-west of Pattaya, and 190km from Bangkok. The surrounding area produces some fine fruit, especially pineapple and durian. Each year during May the city plays host to a fruit fair. A late bloomer, the province is well known for its pristine beaches stretching along a 100-kilometer coastline and scenic waterfalls amidst exotic surroundings. Aside from this, Rayong is blessed with an abundance of seafood products such as shrimp paste, fish sauce and dried seafood, and tropical fruits of which rambutan, mangosteen and durian are the most famous. 

Boasting indispensable sea-life resources, Rayong province is one of the country's major agricultural and industrial provinces. On the other hand, the province has maintained its traditions and customs in the daily lifestyle of the locals. The climate in Rayong is tropical, generally warm and humid with abundant rainfall, average temperature is around 28 degrees C. 

Certified Paragliding Thailand Courses from Extreme Sports Cafe

All of our Thailand Paragliding Courses in Ban Chang near Rayong can be booked online

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Thailand Paragliding Rating System Paragliding is one of the few sports that can offer the freedom of the skies to soar like birds floating on thermals that take you places unimaginable on the ground, Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near Rayongone of the other major reasons for the sports popularity is the ease in which you can learn and the compact nature of the equipment.

Paragliding works on a certification system. Pilots receive ratings throughout their flying career that should reflect the pilot skill level. 

  • Para 1: Beginner Pilot - Student can only fly under instructor supervision and radio contact. 
  • Para 2: Novice Pilot - Student is now considered to be a fully fledged pilot and can fly solo at most sites nationally.
  • Para 3: Intermediate Pilot - Student has now passed a number of flight requirements and has many logged hours of flight. You are considered a competent pilot and can fly almost every site safely.
  • Para 4: Advanced Pilot - This level is gained only by experience,logging hours and flights, also acquiring a good deal of knowledge regarding weather and FAA regulations. Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near RayongYou may also enrol in a certification course to gain your tandem rating.

Thailand Paragliding Instructor - Narint Lohathong

  • One of the pioneer free flyers in Thailand.
  • Tandem Paraglider and Paramotor pilot.
  • Qualified in Australia as Hang Glider pilot.
  • Qualified in Japan as Paragliding Instructor. 
  • Thai National and English speaker.

Khun Narint is also the honorary president of The Thailand Glider Club, helping with the organisation of competitions and events in Thailand.

All of our Thailand Paragliding courses in Ban Chang near Rayong can be booked online

Thailand Paragliding - Things to Bring
You should bring most of these items. They are listed in order of importance.Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near Rayong

  • High Top Hiking Shoes - Good ankle supporting shoes/boots are one of the keys to getting to launch, launching, and safe landings. 
  • Gloves - Nice to have a bit of extra warmth on those longer flights and also some protection from the lines while you are bunching up you glider. 
  • Layered Clothing - This is the best way to dress up/down as conditions change. It is best to have long sleeves top and bottom for the flight. 
  • Sun Hat, and Sunglasses - A must for sunny days. 
  • Water Bottle - A well-sealed water bottle is a must for your comfort. 
  • Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near RayongSack Lunch and Snacks - If conditions are good, we sometimes stay on site all day long. You will want some form of nourishment while we are there. 
  • Gaiters - In order to keep any unwanted weeds or dirt out of your shoes, we highly recommend gaiters.

Thailand Paragliding Equipment
Most students will go on to purchase their own equipment after the course. Paragliding equipment can be purchased through our Thailand Paragliding School. 
Your instructor will be able to guide you through what is best suited for your level, style of flying and body weight.Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near Rayong

Standard equipment cost approx 125,000 thai bath. This includes Wing, Harness & Emergency parachute. 

There are many options for paragliding equipment....

  • Wing DHV 1-2: 75,000 thai bath. Advance wing DHV 1-2: 120,000 thai bath.
  • Harness: 24,000 Thai bath.
  • Emergency parachute: 12,000 thai bath.
  • Helmet Lazer: 8,500 thai bath.Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near Rayong
  • Vario meter Flytec 4005: 12,000 thai bath.
  • Boot SCISPI: 11,000 thai bath.

Thailand Paragliding Getting There Ban Chang

  • BUSES: Air-conditioned buses run from Ekami Bus Terminal in Bangkok at regular intervals throughout the day. Journey time is about 3hours. 
  • If you are travelling from Pattaya board the bus on Sukhumvit highway for the 45-minute ride to Ban Chang.
  • FLYING: Orient Thai Airlines have flights from Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket to U-Tapao airport, which is a 10-minute taxi ride from Ban Chang.Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near Rayong

Thailand Paragliding Getting around

  • Pick up & drop off to/from the training site is included if staying at our recommended Hotels in the Ban Chang area for the duration of the course.
  • Songthaews cruise around the city, and are available for charter should you wish to go further a field. Your hotel should be able to help.
  • Several operators have cars and motorcycles for rent. Not all offer full insurance so read the agreement carefully before signing, and don't forget your International Driving Permit.

Remember to keep Paragliding Safe and fun you should not fly unsupervised until you have completed and gained both Para 1 & 2 rating (Novice Pilot)...

Thailand Paragliding Ban Chang near Rayong
Certified Paragliding Thailand Courses from Extreme Sports Cafe

All of our Thailand Paragliding courses in Ban Chang near Rayong can be booked online

Who runs our Paragliding courses?

Extreme Sports Cafe and it's partners run paragliding courses and paramotoring courses in the UK, Spain, India, Gran Canaria, South Africa, Peru, Australia, New Zealand,  Indonesia and Thailand. We are quite confident that we have the UK, Europe and Asia well covered with a range of exciting, challenging and fun courses for you to learn to paraglide and paramotor in most parts of the world and will have centers in Australia and elsewhere soon... In Thailand we have availabl Para1 Para2 and Para 3 Courses running.....


Where do I take it from here?

You can go on more advanced paragliding courses,  join a club and / or buy your own paragliding equipment and go Paragliding whenever you want. Let us know how we can help...

Paragliding books we recommend.

(Paragliding) The Complete Guide by Noel Whittall

A guide to paragliding which introduces the basic techniques and then provides information about training schools, equipment, the rules, weather, soaring, competition flying, and how to derive enjoyment from the sport.
Paragliding: the Complete Guide: Noel Whittall: Books

(Paragliding) From the Beginner to Cross Country by David Sollom & Matthew Cook

An introduction to paragliding, providing tuition on thermalling, instrumentation and tandem flying. Other topics include: the theory of gliding; practical instruction of basic, intermediate and advanced techniques; instruction on flying cross-country in the UK; and advice on equipment and air law.
Paragliding: From Beginner to Cross-country: David ...

Touching Cloudbase by Ian Currer

The third edition of a standard manual for those starting paragliding. It offers an introduction to Paramotoring, a section on tandem flying, and an expanded reference to the world's manufacturers. It also covers the syllabus for the exams of the British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association. 

You could also look at putting power behind your paragliding experience and learn to paramotor...

Touching Cloudbase: A Complete Guide to Paragliding: ... 


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