Kitesurfing Hurghada Egypt

 If you are new to kiteboarding and want to give it a shot, or if you simply want to  try it out in a magnificent location, choose Extreme Sports Café and Hurghada in Egypt for a fantastic Kiteboarding Experience or Holiday. IKO Qualified Kiteboarding Instructors will take good care of you. Experience the adrenaline rush of powered kite flying and the thrill and excitement of getting up on that board for the first time! We will get you ripping in no time.

The location of Extreme Sports Café’s partner Egypt Kiteboarding School lets you experience kiteboarding at it's best, the center is located directly on the beach with the launching area right in front of you. Just pump your kite with our compressor and hit the water. Kitesurfing Hurghada EgyptIf you need to rent kitesurfing gear, you will find high quality equipment in our racks. When you need a break our beach bar serves light snacks and a variety of drinks. At night you can store your gear in our racks and head off in to Hurghada to check out the nightlife.

Extreme Sports Café’s partner Egypt Kite boarding Centre opened in June 1, 2002 in Hurghada and are an IKO Kiteboarding Center and all their kitesurf courses are done according to IKO standards, leading to IKO certification.  The instructors are IKO certified and speak English, French, Swedish and Finnish. Our partner Egypt Kitesurfing School is located on the grounds of a Hotel, which has the best beach in the area for kitesurfing, huge shallow areas for training, dedicated launch areas and a nice sand bank off shore. Our partner Egypt Kitesurfing School is equipped with the latest equipment from Naish, Underground and X-Shooter. There is a wide range of kitesurfing equipment, from pure beginner equipment to the most advanced gear available on the market.

Egypt Kitesurfing Courses in Hurghada from Extreme Sports Cafe

Registration and Orientation - Before kiteboarding at Extreme Sports Cafe's Egypt partner Kite surfing School all kiteboarders are require to come in to the school for registration and a brief safety orientation. During the registration they will take your personal details and emergency contact information. They will then give you a briefing about their safety procedures followed by a walk around the school and the beach to show you where to launch and land, the recommended riding areas and where to rinse and store your kite surfing equipment.

Kite surfing Equipment - Rental If you arrive without your own kitesurfing equipment and want to rent from us you must show proof of certification. If you do not have a certification card or similar we require that the first hour or so on the water will be under supervision with an instructor.

Egypt Kitesurfing Hurghada

Hurghada Kitesurfing School - Kitesurfing Notes

  • Kitesurfing Equipment Rental - Before kite surfing rental is confirmed all riders must prove their level of competency. This system is employed to cover the safety of the client as well as for the satisfaction of the Kiteboarding school that the client is capable of handling the kite boarding equipment.
  • Please note: Kite and Board rentals are the responsibility of the client. No insurance is offered.
  • Other facilities that are available at Extreme Sport Café’s Egypt Kite boarding School are compressed air for easy pumping of kites, rescue boat, kitesurfing equipment cleaning and storage, kite repair service and a workshop with necessary tools and spare parts. The shop sells kite surfing equipment and spare parts as well as accessories from Dakine and clothing from Ultra Nectar.
  • Kites and Boards - In the racks we have a variety of kitesurfing equipment, both for school use and rental. We use Naish kites from beginner to advanced, in sizes from 1.3 to 20 metres. The board racks are packed with the latest boards from Naish and Nobile in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all levels. In total have we about 100 kites and 50 boards.
  • Ex Demo and Rental Equipment for Sale!
  • Extreme Sports Café’s partner Kiteboarding Center in Hurgada always has ex demo and rental kites for sale in their shop.
  • Please note: They do not ship internationally these items are for sale in Egypt only.

Egypt Kitesurfing HurghadaHurghada Kitesurfing School - Hurghada Notes

  • Hurghada is so much more than just Kite surfing, you will find a huge selection of good restaurants, bars and nightclubs. All our registered guests will receive an exclusive V.I.P. Club Card, this special card gives you discount on food and drinks in all Ministry of Sound / Papas Bar outlets and also FREE entrance to the Ministry of Sound Beach Club.
  • For any special events or happenings, look out for the KITELIFE board outside the school, the KITELIFE board means there is something going on and something planned for the evening.
  • If there are no wind days there is still plenty to do in Hurghada. Extreme Sports Café’s partner Kiteboarding School in Hurgada then normally run the wakeboarding boat and can also arrange quad bike safaris in the desert, go-carting or maybe a trip to the Titanic Aqua Park.
  • Sunny and Windy is how the weather can be described in Hurghada. The temperature ranges from 23°C during the winter to 38 degrees in July when in the hottest period. The water temperature is nice throughout the year with 22°C as the coldest and up to 28°C in the summer. Leave your rain clothes at home; you will have no use for them. Rain in this area is very rare but it might rain for a few minutes 1 or 2 times per year or so.
  • The wind in the Red Sea is created by the difference in temperature between the land and sea and blows all year around averaging from Force 4-7Bft. (75 % of the days). In Hurghada this is accelerated by the mountain formations along the Red Sea and a bit more by Giftun Island offshore. It will generally pick up during the day and can often start early and sometimes blow all day. At Magawish the wind normally blows slightly side off shore in the morning with a change to side shore at noon. 

Accommodation - As our partner Egypt Kiteboarding School is situated in the grounds of a 3.5*-4* Hotel it is the most convenient hotel to stay in. Please contact us for more info on this.

Egypt Kitesurfing Hurghada
Hurghada Kitesurfing School - Kitesurfing Safety Rules
You will find these safety rules posted on the information boards at Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Egypt Kite surfing School

  • All kiteboarders must register with Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Egypt Kite surfing School before going out kiting.
  • Kiteboarders must show safe kite handling and good judgment before going out by themselves.
  • We do not allow private teaching on any of our beaches. All instruction must be conducted by Extreme Sports Cafe's partner Egypt Kite surfing School.
  • We do NOT allow the use of a board leash without a helmet.Egypt Kitesurfing Hurghada
  • All kites must be equipped with a de-power system (leash) or other reliable system to separate the rider from the kite in case of emergency.
  • The use of helmets and impact/flotation vests is strongly recommended.
  • Launching and landing is only allowed within the designated areas.
  • Kiteboarding is not allowed closer to the beach than 50m except for within the designated launching areas.
  • Keep clear of any area where swimmers are present.
  • Standard "right of way" rules are in effect; please ask if you need clarification.
  • Reckless kiting will not be tolerated and may lead to being banned from the area.
  • Don't wear yourself out. If you get tired, come in for a break and a drink.

Have fun on the water and be careful!

Egypt Kitesurfing Courses in Hurghada from Extreme Sports Cafe

Kitesurfing Egypt Hurghada

Kite Boarding Certification - All Extreme Sports Cafe Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding courses follow the IKO (International Kitesurfing Organisation) assessment system. (unless stated otherwise) Our kitesurf instructors are IKO qualified and at the end of each course students will receive a kitesurfing IKO card with their achieved level. All the necessary kitesurfing equipment is provided for students (excluding food and drinks) and the kitesurf courses last between 4 and 5 hours per day depending on the wind conditions. Students are advised to wear a hat and apply sun-cream as they will be spending a lot of time in the sun. Students must be 16 years or older, although we can teach children under 16 to kitesurf, with their parent’s permission and presence.

Who runs our Kitesurfing courses?

Extreme Sports Cafe and it's partners run Kitesurfing courses in the Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Caribbean, Cyprus, Egypt, Fiji, Bali, Kenya, Lanzarote, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Rodrigues Island,  South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam. We are quite confident that we have Europe, Asia and Africa well covered with a range of exciting, challenging and fun courses or packages for you to learn to Kitesurfing in most parts of the world and will have more Kiteboarding centers elsewhere soon...

Where do I take it from here?

You can go on to improve your Kiteboarding with more practice and advanced courses allowing you to, become an instructor and teach others, take part in competitions worldwide, join a club and / or buy your own Kiteboarding equipment and go Kiteboarding whenever you want. Let us know how we can help...

Kitesurfing books we recommend...

Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide

Author: Ian Currer

In this guide, Ian Currer takes you through the complete basics of the exciting, yet complex sport of kite surfing, or kiteboarding. He uses simple language which even the novice has no trouble interpreting, accompanied by helpful diagrams and at all times keeps your interests focused on kitesurfing.

Even as an intermediate kitesurfer, I have picked up many useful tips from the guide, which has helped me improve my jumping considerably. I recommend anyone who is serious in taking kitesurfing as a sport, to get hold of this book.

Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide: Ian Currer: Books 

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get back to us – we’ll be only too pleased to help. After all, the team at ESC are passionate about our various sporting disciplines – we want you to be, as well!


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