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Extreme Sports Cafe and its newest partner has put together a 20 day safari through Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa, enabling you to see the countries as they really are, but with all the logistical comforts of an organised diving tour. The catch word would be "active" in this diving trip. The relatively relaxed pace of the diving safari tour provides plenty of opportunity to participate in numerous activities, with the emphasis on diving. For the scuba diver, snorkeler, and also Big Game fisher, Mozambique proves to be one of the worlds best kept secrets. Scuba Diving holidays & Adventure from Extreme Sports Cafe in Mozambique.

For some years now Extreme Sports Cafe's Adventure Diving Safari partner has offered 19 day safaris through Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa. With some pride, we can now say that they were able to plunge some hundreds of venturers in a mixture of outdoor action, culture, wildlife and underwater experiences! We alternate between camping and huts or chalets and try to offer a wide variety of activities, such as horse riding, quad biking, canoeing or game driving.

Adventure Diving Safari Hight lightsSwaziland Horses

With those ingredients in mind, we set out on a route that first leads us through the traditional and mountainous Kingdom of Swaziland. We are welcomed by the local people, known for their hospitality and explore their wildlife parks, either on foot, bike or horse back. Small Mozambiquan villages are hidden between the palm trees. Endless white beaches separate the lush bush from the Indian Ocean, which will hopefully reveal some of her secrets to us. Her treasures, like the Bazaruti Archipel, the whale sharks, manta's and humpbacks deserve more than to be summed up in one sentence, but will undoubtedly leave an impression on you. One of the oldest and biggest wildlife parks in the world, The Kruger Park, will be the back ground of the last stretch of our adventure diving safari tour. Elephants, lions and hippo's will give you the sensation you have landed in the real Africa.

Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique from Extreme Sports Cafe

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Adventure Diving Safari Mozambique - Brief Itinerary

3 Week Adventure Diving Safari in Mozambique €960 p/p

Your Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique includes:

Dates 2010 to Be Confirmed - Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique operate from April - December.

Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique can be booked online

Itinerary Adventure Diving Safari Mozambique

Alright, you’ve done all the brochure research, made the booking, packed the bag, bought the film and guide book and now you have found your way to Pretoria to meet your fellow travellers and embark on a Mozambican Diving Safari adventure.

Pretoria - Before we head off, there are some interesting spots in Pretoria you might want to consider. You can have a look Pretoria Church Squarefor instance how 'Father Kruger' is watching over his money in the bank at Church Square. Or you can go and have a look at materialised Afrikaner pride, the 'Voortrekkers Monument'. Very popular is the Lion Park. Have you ever fed a giraffe or played with lion cups?

Swaziland - The next day we board the truck and are on our way to Swaziland; a little, cozy and hilly kingdom, enclosed by its big brother South Africa. The only country in the world without a cinema and where they have no problem canceling a public holiday Swaziland Beehive Hutsbecause the king isn’t feeling too well. We stop at a crafts market in Ezulwini Valley, or ' Valley of Heaven', where you can go mad shopping for goodies. We discover that it is not just 'heaven' when, if possible, we visit an orphanage. Emanuel Khayalethu offers a safe haven for abused and abandoned kids and our Adventure Diving Safari has promised to try and help them. At the end of day we reach Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mozambique - We cross into Mozambique at Namaacha border post, where I can guarantee your first taste of Mozambican efficiency, after which we go for the culture shock in Maputo, a challenge on its own. But for whom allows themselves the time to see through the bubble of chaos and noise, a cityMozambique Cathedral with a rich cultural and historical background will unfold itself. Decrepit buildings bear witness to Portuguese influences, the wide 'avenida’s' with names like Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro are remains of an Marxist era with lots of struggle. But the beautiful City Hall is a symbol of a country in reconstruction after hard times. 

Tofo Beach - Further north we will encounter typical Mozambican villages and the landscape will change gradually. Wild berries make room for palm trees and the traffic will be replaced by beautiful lagoons. The sport of bartering is tested when we stop at a local market. With permission you can taste the sometimes unknown goods, and when purchasing make sure you negotiate for the local price - as opposed to the tourist price. 

Bazaruti Archipellago - In the afternoon we arrive in the little fishing town Vilanculos. In the maze of market stalls, a motley crew of articles is available. Your nose will indicate the fish section where a wide variety is to be found and without a doubt, your ears will trace the local 'shebeen'. Bazaruti Archipellago DhowThree nights we stay in Vilanculos. Off the coast is 'Parque Nacional de Bazaruto'. The islands are known to be of the most beautiful of Africa: crystal clear water, white palm beaches, coral reefs. The divers will be impressed by the spectacular Two Mile Reef. Imagine an encounter with the nearly extinct and elusive Dugong! Should you have no desire to move so deep, a sailing trip by dhow to the island and snorkeling is another option. 

Mozambique barra PointBarra Point - The next morning we turn 180° and head south to Barra Point, back on the Inhambane peninsula. The northern end of the peninsula consists of beautiful mangroves and lagoons and the options are endless. The beach is stunning, you pitch underneath the palm trees and you can go for a dip, zipping cocktails at the neighbours. Quad biking take on a new dimension when you discover that the area is tidal. You will be soaked, for sure. Should you wish to stay dry, you can take it more easy in a canoe or a bit higher on horse back. Sunset cruises on a catamaran are offered in the lagoon. 

Kruger Park LionKruger Park - We return to the main road and continue to the Lobombo border post, leaving Mozambique behind us. The famous Kruger Park is next, a park of about 24000 km2 and declared a protected area over a hundred years ago by the very person it was named after, Mr Paul Kruger. Intentions are to merge Kruger Park with adjacent land in Mozambique, which would mean an incredible improvement as wildlife would regain the chance to follow ancient migratory patterns over an extended range. Though Limpopo Transfrontier Park has recently opened to the public, the local Mozambicans are not inclined to leave the area and game is scarce. Efforts are made to relocate game from Kruger Park, but most animals tend to turn around and go back to their birth ground.

Once we are back in Pretoria we finish with a goodbye dinner and hopefully, you will leave us not only with an additional bag of souvenirs, full memory cards and a tanned head, but also with new friends, a new passion, a journal full with stories of an incredible (diving) safari and a memory to last a lifetime.

Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique can be booked online

Scuba Diving in Mozambique

On this Adventure Diving Safari trip there are 7 days available for scuba diving, at 3 different locations if you want to. Mozambique is gaining popularity as a scuba diving and water sports paradise; as far as coral reefs and fish population, it can easily compete with renowned destinations like Asia and the Caribbean, the only difference being that mass tourism hasn’t spoilt it yet. Let yourself roll into the tropical waters – the chance is considerable that you’ll encounter a dolphin, humpback whale, whale shark, manta or giant turtle.Mozambique Whale Shark

For the diving fanatics, we have put together packages of 10 dives at discount rates.

Booking the Scuba Diving package in advance guarantees a space on the boat. The cost is payable in cash Euro, Rand or US$ at the start of the Adventure Diving Safari trip in Pretoria. The costs are indications only. Individual accounts are kept and the balance settled at the end of the diving trip. 

Should you wish for an introduction to the underwater world, at Tofo you will have the opportunity to to do a scuba diving intro course. Also, special training can be provided by the diving school, like deep dive training if required. At Barra Point we can try to organise a night dive. Please let us now when you book if you'd like to dive and if yes, do you require scuba diving equipment.

Whale sharks in Mozambique

The whale shark is the largest fish on this planet, easily reaching an average length of 12 meter. Despite its size, it is totally harmless to humans, as these 14 ton giants feed off plankton. Mozambique Whale SharkWhale sharks live just beneath the surface of tropical and sub tropical waters. They flow with the current, mouth wide open, allowing the water to run through. Enormous gills filter the water for plankton. The leftovers are nibbled away by small fish catching a lift in the whale sharks mouth. Their size, gentle nature and the fact that they live just beneath the surface, allow these giants to be approached relatively safely. An experience which, should you be one of the lucky ones to have marked it on the been-there-done-it list, you will never forget.

What else have we see in the past?

The big attraction of diving in Mozambique is Big Game Fish. Most Adventure Diving Safari trips are run between May and December and we have not really noticed a change in sightings with the passing of the seasons. The exception would be the humpback whale, for which you should come between June and November. So far, in the previous years we have run 53 trips altogether and we logged manta's on 48 trips and whale sharks on 45. This doesn’t mean that every one saw them at all locations, but they were spotted on the tour. The record lies with a small group in April 04 who spotted them no less than 7 times. 

Adventure Diving Safari To Mozambique can be booked online

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A little bit for a good cause

You'll leave us not only with an additional bag of souvenirs, full memory cards and a tanned head, but also with new friends, a new passion, a journal full with stories of an incredible (diving) safari and a memory to last a lifetime.

Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique from Extreme Sports Cafe

Adventure Diving Safari to Mozambique can be booked online